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Volvo VNL 860 for Sale Indiana


Are you looking to add a premium sleeper cab to your fleet? Your commitment to your drivers’ comfort on the road may lead you to the Volvo VNL 860, a semi truck designed to optimize comfort, no matter the length of the drive ahead.  

At Andy Mohr Truck Center, we have the Volvo VNL 860 for sale here in Indiana. If you live near Plainfield, Avon, or Indianapolis, feel free to contact us and stop in for a visit to see what this chassis cab can really do! 





Shopping for Your New Volvo VNL 860 

Volvo VNLIf you want to add a new Volvo VNL 860 to power your business needs, we have you covered. With a fresh start on the odometer, you have the potential to rack up hundreds of thousands of miles in cross-country shipments over the lifetime of this durable truck! 

The VNL 860 has a 77-inch sleeper area, complete with a sizeable integrated, reclining bunk that doubles as an easy chair of sorts. It’s fully adjustable, so your drivers can lay back and rest easy after a long day’s work or sit up and use the optional tabletop workstation.

You’ll appreciate the available new infotainment system, which features touchscreen controls and can be equipped with navigation tools, so your drivers can find the most efficient route to their destinations. 


Volvo VNL 860 Quick Facts



Premium Long Haul/ Van Trailer



Cab Type


77” Sleeper



Interior Height


81.5" between seats, 102.25" rear of sleeper



Interior Width


83.5" door-to-door with 79"x42" mattress




Volvo D13

375-500 hp

1450-1850 lb-ft.

Cummins X15

400-565 hp

1450-1850 lb-ft.




Volvo I-Shift – 12 speed

Volvo I-Shift for Severe Duty – 12 speed

Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears – 13, 14 speed

Allison - 6 speed


Shopping for a Used Semi-Trailer Truck  

At our dealership, you can find several used semi trucks for sale as well! From Volvo to Ford to Kenworth, we stock all the most reputable brands, and we’re sure you’ll find some luxury-grade Volvo semi trucks to check out, from the VNR 640 to the VNX 740 to the coveted and forward-thinking VNL 860 sleeper cab. 

When you shop used, you have a wide range of trucks available to you. If you have any questions about a particular make and model, our team of truck experts is always on hand to help you learn more about our full inventory of options. We’ll get you the specs, so you can make the optimal choice for your business! 


Why Choose Us for Your Next Sleeper? 

When you’re shopping for sleeper cabs, there are several reasons our Indiana truck dealer stands out. For one thing, we offer a range of truck lease and rental packages, letting you reap the benefits of a semi truck on your timeline. When you just need one for a day, a week, a month, or a year, renting or leasing is worth looking into. 

Our dealership truly is a one-stop shop—you can also use us for all your semi truck maintenance, including routine brake inspections and fluid level checks. If you’re really racking up the miles, regular service is key, and our team of experienced technicians is happy to provide!


Find a Volvo VNL 860 for Sale in Indiana

When you’re ready to expand your business fleet to handle that next big project or get your next shipment out on time, our Volvo VNL 860 for sale in Indiana can really get the job done. You can browse our trucks online or visit us here at Andy Mohr Truck Center

We recommend scheduling a test drive and seeing this sleeper cab up close. Experience those powerful engines, test out those advanced features, and get a feel for the size of that cavernous sleeping space. It’s the only way you’ll know whether the VNL 860 can meet your fleet truck needs in Indianapolis, Plainfield, Avon, and beyond! 


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