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Volvo Brake Service

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Servicing a semi-truck is very different than servicing your average car. So, to get the job done right, a special team of technicians is necessary.


Andy Mohr Truck Center offers comprehensive Volvo truck brake service, as well as a number of amenities for Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield drivers. Get in touch with our team and you can schedule your next appointment.


Why Truck Brake Service Is Important

Brake Pad

When your brakes aren’t working properly, the safety of your vehicle is entirely compromised—and that simply will notdo when you’re on the job in your Volvo truck. 


At our service center, we’re more than happy to service your brakes. We have Volvo brake pads specially made for the brakes of heavy-duty trucks. We also have the genuine parts to replace rotors, calipers, brake fluids, and all other parts of your Volvo brake system.


We’re the #1 Volvo parts distributor in the country based on our 2017 sales, so you can count on us to have everything you need in stock today.


Whenever the time comes for Volvo brake service, or if you need other heavy-duty truck parts, contact our team. We’ll get your truck in the shop as soon as possible. 


While You Wait for Your Volvo Truck’s Brakes…


While you’re waiting for service to be completed, feel free to take advantage of some of the amenities that we offer here at our commercial truck service center. Of course, since we have 28 garage bays, odds are you won’t be waiting for too long!

  • Utilize our trailer parking
  • Make a pit stop at our on-site laundromat
  • Head over to our showers
  • Relax in our spacious and comfortable lounge


We know that for many folks, their Volvo semi-truck is their livelihood. We’ll do whatever we can to get you and your truck back on the road (and back on the job) as soon as we’re able to.


Schedule Volvo Brake Service Today

If you’re unsure how often your Volvo truck’s brakes should be serviced, be sure to consult your owner’s manual.


Once you know the time has come, feel free to get in touch with Andy Mohr Truck Center. We’re here to service the trucks of all Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield drivers.


Schedule your brake service today!



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