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Truck Torque Rods


Getting your truck inspected is the best way to get reliable performance during your drives around Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield. A significant part to look at during and in between inspections are your torque rods. When you need to get your truck’s torque rods checked, visit the service center at Andy Mohr Truck Center.


What Is a Torque Rod?

Air Suspension

Torque rods are a very important part of your truck’s suspension. On one end, they’re connected to the vehicle’s chassis. The other end is attached to the axles. Each one of your wheels has a torque rod linking it to your autobody.


Usually, you’ll find them positioned slightly in front of the wheels that they’re attached to. This is to better handle momentum during braking and acceleration.


Torque Rod Function

A torque rod’s job is to help the suspension maintain its shape. It keeps the axles in line, so you’ll be able to steer properly during your drive without any pulling or shaking. They’re also in charge of controlling axle rotation.


On the body of a truck, a torque rod is even more important. These parts are crucial to keeping that big body in line and helping you stay on course, which is why it’s important to have them checked before every long trip your truck takes.


If you’re able to look under your truck, you should be able to see when a torque rod is bent, cracked, or out of alignment. If you’re not able to see under the truck to visually inspect each one, here are some signs that you may need new torque rods:


  • Pulling to one side when you’re driving in a straight line
  • Difficulty steering when you’re turning only slightly, such as changing lanes
  • A loud thumping sound when you’re braking or steering around curves
  • Your truck is riding lower than it was before


Truck Suspension Parts

If you notice any of these signs while you’re driving, or your torque rods have visible wear and tear, visit our service center. We have a team of highly trained and certified technicians to help get your truck properly aligned with solid torque rods again.

When it comes to suspension parts, you can count on our parts center to provide you with high-quality torque rods for your truck. We always offer a large selection of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that were made specifically for your make and model.


By using OEM parts instead of aftermarket ones, you’ll be getting new torque rods that were designed, sized, and calibrated to give your truck the best performance possible.


Plus, each one of our technicians maintains a Full-line Model and Engine Diagnostic Certification, so you know your truck is good hands.


Visit Our Truck Service Center

When you want to have your torque rods checked or need them replaced, visit the service center at Andy Mohr Truck Center. We help drivers in Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield get back on the road and help you rest up and recharge before you head out on your next trip. Our facility features 28 garage doors, trailer parking, a laundromat, showers, and a lounge, so you can make yourself at home while your new parts are being installed.


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