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Volvo VNL I-Shift Transmission Review

Volvo i-Shift

Selecting the ideal transmission is an important decision that will strongly affect the overall performance of your tractor trailer. Thankfully, truck drivers around Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield have a wide range of options to choose from. In this copy, we’ll be reviewing the dynamic Volvo VNL I-shift transmission

This desirable option meshes brains and brawn and has become a staple in various models throughout the country. After reading this Volvo VNL I-shift transmission review, contact Andy Mohr Truck Center with any further questions or inquiries! 


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VNL I-Shift Transmission Overview volvo i-shift

The VNL I-shift transmission has many useful components that will be discussed, but let’s start with a brief overview highlighting this transmission’s stand out features. 

First, the I-Shift is compatible with every Volvo engine. It also places a tremendous emphasis on power, without sacrificing fuel efficiency or precision handling. The internal hardware found in the I-shift is what helps it maintain this balance. Overall, this transmission gets 2,300 lb-ft of torque. 

Next, the VNL I-shift helps reduce your responsibilities as a driver. It does this by automatically shifting gears, which gives you the chance to maintain your entire focus on the road ahead.  

Finally, this transmission is designed to save time. Thanks to a state-of-the-art transmission cooler that optimizes fluid temperature, your truck will spend less time at service stops and more time on the road. 


Intuitive Handling  

Once you leave the paved comfort of the open road and start trying to tackle uneven terrain, you’ll appreciate the precision handling in the intelligent VNL I-shift transmission. 

This unique maneuverability starts with the refined crawler gears that allow you to move forward, or backwards, at a snail’s pace. This crawler gears option will add one to two extra gears to the 12-speed I-shift, and you can continue to add precision with various other options like the 13-speed or 14-speed version. 

This transmission also features I-See technology. I-See is a unique cruise control system that will actively learn the topography of the road you’re travelling on. Once it’s done this, it will use that knowledge to conserve fuel as you flip on the cruise control feature, while also keeping your truck in an ideal position to maintain its set speed. It does this, for example, by increasing speed in preparation of a large incline. Once you reach the incline, this intelligent transmission will avoid downshifting to keep you moving forward while avoiding unnecessary fuel consumption. 


Supreme Efficiency  

The Volvo VNL I-shift transmission also implements various efficiency measures to ensure high-end fuel economy. 

For example, the available XE package will help you avoid the pump by widening the sweet spot RPM range on your engine. There’s also the inherent benefits of the XE adaptive gearing system. This option essentially gives you two transmissions at once, a direct drive when your cargo is loaded up, and a downspeeding overdrive when your trailer is light. 


Get a Feel for the Volvo VNL I-Shift Transmission  

This Volvo VNL I-shift transmission review is just a brief look at everything this dynamic transmission can do. To get a better feel for its many uses and features, stop into Andy Mohr Truck Center. We’re happy to assist truck drivers throughout Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield!


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