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Commercial Truck Leasing


Leasing takes a lot of burden off of your business. By consolidating all your transportation needs into a single monthly payment, our leasing solutions can reduce the impact and headache of managing a transportation department.


Benefits of Truck Leasing:

  • Volume Pricing
  • No Up-Front Expense
  • No Maintenance Shop Issues
  • Preserve Capital
  • No Residual Risk
  • Lease Expense 100% Deductible
  • All Maintenance and Repair Included
  • Cash Flow Is Predictable
  • Fleet legalization (licensing, permitting, fuel tax reporting)

Not sure what’s right for you? Follow the link below to see the difference between leasing and owning.


Lease Vs. Owning a Truck


Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether to lease or own. Particularly if you already do one or the other. Well, it’s not an either/or decision. Many businesses choose to mix leasing with ownership to better serve their business needs. However, many factors can influence future decisions. Perhaps your needs have changed? All Points Leasing can help you decide what makes the most sense for your business.



Ownership does have some advantages and for businesses that require the control that ownership delivers, it’s the only option. However, for many businesses, it’s a challenge to maintain a fleet. In addition, there are many hidden costs to ownership.

In addition to purchase cost, there is maintenance, repairs, and recruiting and staff to consider. Changes in technology and regulations may also require additional investment.



Leasing provides a lot of flexibility, especially when cash isn’t readily accessible. By eliminating the need for cash down payments, leasing gives many fleet operators the ability to expense the cost of the vehicles on a monthly basis rather than carry the liability on the balance sheet. That means more credit flexibility so the fleet operator can put capital elsewhere.

Our Leasing options also provide total vehicle maintenance, roadside service and fuel management. So for businesses that would rather focus on what they do best, leasing makes a lot of sense.


Leasing Benefits


  • Lease vs. Own – Save cash, predict ongoing expenses easily.
  • Reduce Risk – No hidden or additional out of pocket expenses.
  • Manage Cost – Predictable and recurring payments cover all costs.
  • Efficient Operations – Focus on business, not truck ownership, maintenance and ongoing hassle.
  • Compliance – We’ll keep you in the know.
  • Fuel Management – Stretch your fuel dollar with our insights.
  • Choose the Right Trucks – In town or over the road, we offer what you need to keep rolling.
  • Branded Vehicles – Nobody will ever know you’re leasing with vehicles that represent your company and brand.