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Volvo Service

Welcome to the Andy Mohr Truck Center Parts Department. Trucks travel a lot of miles. Every so often they’re going to need new parts to keep running in top shape. When you’re scouring the Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield areas looking for “truck parts near me,” you can always drop by and see us or order your parts to get your truck back out on the road. We carry a wide variety of different parts for you to choose from so you know you’re getting the exact part or component that your truck needs to perform.

As the #1 selling parts dealer in the country in 2017, our goal is to continue to offer you great service, a huge inventory, and fast shipments to help get you back on the road again.


Truck Parts near Me

PartsWhen you discover that one of the trucks in your fleet is out of commission and needs a simple part, we encourage you to drop in for a visit. Our parts department associates will help you find the exact part you need that we specifically designed for your fleet truck.

We have a full inventory of Volvo truck parts and accessories to choose from. With our selection, you’ll be able to fix up your truck again with new brakes pads, spark plugs, or a new engine filter. From accessories like wiper blades and floormats to internal parts like fans, valves, and belts, we can provide you with whatever replacement parts and accessories you’re looking for.

If you can’t make the trip, you can order your parts with us online. All you have to do is fill out the form with information about yourself but, more importantly, about your vehicle. We’ll need to know your exact model and trim, so we can ensure we’re getting you the right part for your truck.

The Benefits of OEM Parts

If you tried going jogging with running shoes that weren’t the right size, you’d definitely feel it. Too big and you’d have no stability. Too small and it’d feel like your feet were breaking down. Installing new parts is kind of like that.

Utilizing the right part can make all the difference, and when it comes to a commercial truck or a heavy-duty pickup, you don’t want to take any chances. At our parts department, we carry a lot of brands like Volvo, Ford, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Fuller, Mentor, Webb, HOLLAND fifth wheels, and Truck-Lite among many others. These high-quality parts are specifically designed to work well with your commercial vehicle. You can avoid the hassle of going to a specialty store or an auto parts warehouse and finding aftermarket parts that may fit, but won’t last as long. At Andy Mohr Truck Center, everything you need is right here under one roof.

We understand the value of using Original Equipment Manufacturer parts on every truck that we service or place an order for. By installing the correct part with the right size and specs for your truck, you’ll get better performance and a part that will keep working effectively for more miles. 

Having These Parts Installed Parts Supplier

On top of having a huge selection of OEM parts, we also feature a top service center. Once your part is in stock, one of the trained technicians on our staff can install it for you.

Andy Mohr Truck Center has some of the best and most skilled hands in the business right here at our dealership. They’ll take the time to carefully and correctly install the part in your truck, so you can relax knowing that your truck is getting professional service and installation.

You can be confident that your truck is the best hands with our technicians. Each and every one of them has earned a Full-line Model and Engine Diagnostic Certification. They’ll be able to tackle all your service and maintenance needs from replacing parts to routine maintenance, like oil changes, to full service jobs like transmission repairs.

You can get the right parts and the right service all in one convenient location. Whether you need something fixed or just have questions, feel free to contact the professionals in our truck service center.

Shipping Parts to You

You don’t have to come by to get the part that you ordered. If you like to get your hands dirty and work on your truck in your own garage or have a technician on your staff, we can ship your parts directly to you.

We offer free local and overnight delivery. There’s no need to make a trip over to our place to pick it up. Whatever you’ve placed an order for, we can get it to your doorstep quickly. No matter how large the part is or how many items are in your shipment, we can have it delivered to save you the trouble of having to come and get it at Andy Mohr Truck Center.

Order from Our Selection

Do you know the part that your truck needs? At Andy Mohr Truck Center we are proud to offer service and parts to drivers around Indianapolis, Avon, and Plainfield, IN. To order parts online, simply fill out our order form. One of our parts associates will contact you to confirm your order and let you know as soon as it arrives.

Our vast selection of parts and friendly customer service is what helped make us the #1 selling parts dealer in the country in 2017.