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Download Your FREE The Buyer’s Guide to the Volvo VNL 860


AndyMohr-TruckCenter-BuyersGuidetothe2018VolvoVNL860-eBookThumb2.pngAt one time, semi-trucks may have been viewed almost exclusively as utilitarian vehicles. However, the Volvo VNL 860 proves that there’s so much more to these trucks than meets the eye.


Are you interested in learning more about this cutting-edge Volvo truck? Then, check out TheBuyer’s Guide to the Volvo VNL 860eBook by the Andy Mohr Truck Center team. It’s the perfect chance to learn about:


  • What kind of safety systems the VNL 860 employs
  • How it adds comfort to the cockpit and the sleeper cabin
  • What can be found under the hood of this truck


There’s plenty of tough jobs to do here in the Indianapolis, Plainfield, and Avon areas. Make sure you have the right truck to complete them.


Download your FREE eBook today to learn how the VNL 860 can help you do so!



Download Your FREE The Buyer’s Guide to the Volvo VNL 860