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Turn on the TV or open up a magazine and you’ll see a new diet and exercise plan touted every week. Some may sound appealing, but without a proven track record of results, it’s hard to really lean into them.

CrossFit, on the other hand, has stood the test of time, delivering consistent results to athletes of all fitness levels.

If you’re interested in hopping on the CF bandwagon, visit one of these three Indianapolis, IN, area gyms!

Broad Ripple Fit Club |Connect on Facebook

CrossFitFor some, fitness is a solo venture. You might feel a little more comfortable completing your workouts in solitude. However, the addition of numerous friendly faces and support resources can transform exercise from a chore into a treat.

The community feel of Broad Ripple Fit Club aims to achieve these ends. You can sweat it out on your own, say in their weightlifting area, or you can join the smiling, sweaty faces in one of their many classes.

The BRFC facilities ought to have everything you need, including an airy terrace where you can get some sun during your workout.

CrossFit Dog Fight |Connect on Facebook

When you start out on your fitness journey, the road before you may appear intimidating, especially if you’ve been out of the routine for a while.

CrossFit is known for its overall intensity; however, CrossFit Dog Fight has the knowledge to tailor their workouts to newbies and old pros alike.

In their eyes, that CF intensity is 100% scalable. They’ll ensure that you get a workout that is challenging and intense, while remaining totally fitted to your personal needs and fitness level. They’ll treat you just like the fitness machine you have the potential to become.

Together We Rise CrossFit |Connect on Facebook

Crossfit2You’ve probably heard the old saying: fitness is a lifestyle, not just an exercise routine. And while that may sound like a mere platitude, there’s a whole lot of truth to it. If you’re looking for real results, you need to change more than just your workout.

Together We Rise CrossFit of course has intense CF classes, in addition to yoga, pilates, and tai chi. However, it also offers the nutritional assistance needed to make a big life change.

When you arrive at TWR for the first time, the trainers will take the time to assess your personal needs. Then, they’ll devise a program that caters specifically to your level. It’s personalized training at its best.

Experience the CrossFit Craze!

There’s a good reason why CrossFit has grown so popular in recent years: it grants athletes in training real, measurable change.

Experience this transformation for yourself by visiting any of one of these three Indianapolis, IN, area CrossFit gyms.